Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (RME) is developing wave energy converters (WEC) that generate clean energy from ocean waves. Our near-term goal is to complete development and commercialization of a wave-driven seawater desalination system that operates completely “off-grid” and fills a huge gap in the market for seawater desalination systems. We are also in the early stages of identifying opportunities to cost-effectively supply electricity to near-shore communities that currently rely upon diesel generators.

RME’s business model is to: target maritime commercial activities that would be enabled or greatly improved by the availability of an on-site renewable energy supply; identify specific industry leaders, customers or partners for joint research/pilot projects; and use industry leaders, customers or partners to sell jointly-developed products into targeted markets.

We are always interested in learning about potential commercial applications, customers and partners and will seriously consider ideas submitted in writing at our contactus@resolute-marine-energy.com communication portal.