Resolute Marine receives Efficient Solution award from the Solar Impulse Foundation

June 30, 2021

Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (RME) is proud to announce that, today, its innovative Wave2OTM technology was awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s (SIF) Efficient Solution label. During SIF’s rigorous evaluation process, Wave2OTM was assessed across many parameters including operational readiness, cost of produced water and potential operational and environmental risks. SIF also evaluated RME’s plans for scaling its business profitably and its potential to create and sustain positive social, environmental and economic impact in accordance with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

RME CEO Bill Staby commented: “we’re extremely pleased to be recognized for our efforts to solve one of the most pressing issues facing society today and we look forward to working with the Solar Impulse Foundation and its member companies to make our ambitious goals a reality.”

About the Solar Impulse Foundation: When Bertrand Piccard completed the first ever solar-powered flight around the world in July 2016,  he emphasized that Solar Impulse had achieved a first for energy even more than a first for aviation. This historical flight highlighted that clean energy technologies can achieve impossible goals and should be used much more for reducing energy consumption, protecting natural resources and improving the quality of life on Earth. To address sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth, the Solar Impulse Foundation has identified 1000+ clean and profitable solutions and has organized these solutions into a Guide designed to support their implementation. For more information about the mission and goals of the Solar Impulse Foundation, go to: