RME CEO to present at ICOE on April 30th

April 19, 2021

On Friday April 30th, RME co-founder and CEO Bill Staby will serve on a panel at the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE).  Presentations by the panelists will focus on the theme “Resilience & Reliability: Ocean Energy for Island Nations.” Mr. Staby’s presentation is entitled: “Wave-Powered Desalination Systems for Developing Countries and Island Nations - Cabo Verde Case Study” and is scheduled to commence at 10:25 a.m. 

Since this year’s ICOE is being held “virtually,” each concurrent session presenter has recorded a full research recording. Every recording is available to view on demand and questions can be directed to the presenters starting April 12. In addition, during Mr. Staby’s presentation on April 30th, each presenter will participate in a live, interactive, moderator-led Summary Session, featuring live audience Q&A chat. 

To access Mr. Staby’s research recording click on…  


…and scroll down to Concurrent Session 9I.

The theme for ICOE 2021 is “Energizing a Powerful Blue Economy.”  During the three-day conference attendees will discuss technology innovations, new market developments and regulatory frameworks to spur commercialization. 

Mr. Staby commented: “In addition to unparalleled opportunities to network and learn from industry leaders from around the world, ICOE provides a variety of forums for attendees to share advancements in technology research and project development.”

About Resolute Marine: Resolute is developing an innovative technology that harnesses ocean wave energy to produce fresh water and electricity in off-grid areas of the world and provide relief from the harmful economic and social effects of water scarcity. RME’s principal goal is to improve access to clean water for coastal populations and agricultural operations in developing countries and islands and to displace the diesel-powered systems that are in common use worldwide.