Resolute Becomes a Member of the NAWI Alliance

August 6, 2020
August 5, 2020
Today Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (“RME”) became a Member of the National
Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) Energy-Water Desalination Hub (the
“Hub”) which is a select group consisting of public and private entities, academia and
research institutions that support and participate in activities and events of NAWI.
The mission of the Hub is to engage in and support early-stage applied
research focused on lowering the cost of desalination and water treatment by
developing next-generation autonomous, resilient, modular, and electrified
water treatment technologies through a nationally-coordinated program of
early-stage applied research.
In his response, RME CEO Bill Staby said: “we look forward to our association
with NAWI and, in particular, to collaborating with fellow Alliance Members who
share the same focus as RME, i.e. providing clean fresh water to the millions of
people who suffer from the effects of water scarcity.”
About NAWI: NAWI is a U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) Energy Innovation
Hub established to address water security issues in the U.S. through
multidisciplinary early stage research and development for energy-efficient
and low-cost desalination technologies that will enhance the economic,
environmental, and energy security of the nation. NAWI is led and operated
by Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), which is
managed and operated by The Regents of the University of California