RME Presents at the United Nations World Water Day Summit

March 23, 2015
Resolute Marine Energy CEO Bill Staby was one of several invited speakers who made presentations at the World Water Day Summit which was held on March 23rd at United Nations headquarters in New York. The World Water Day Summit was organized and hosted by the Jack Brewer Foundation to provide a high-level platform for dialogue surrounding sustainable development and global efforts to manage clean water. UN Ambassadors and diplomats, industry leaders including sustainability companies and environmental organizations, and many others spent the day focusing on the challenges many regions of the world face when it comes to the availability and necessity of clean water. Resolute Marine Energy’s Wave2OTM technology was one of several innovative solutions that was presented at the event

Mr. Staby commented, “it was great to be exposed to a wider range of facts and opinions about the World Water Crisis.” “As we prepare for our first commercial launch of Wave2OTM for a customer on the African continent, it is very reassuring to know that our solution can fulfill the need for cost-effective distributed water production systems.”