Resolute Energy is developing and commercializing a wave-driven seawater desalination system (Wave2OTM) that operates completely “off-grid” and fills a huge gap in the market for seawater desalination systems i.e. between “on-grid,” mega-scale desalination plants and micro-scale, “household” water purification systems that are effective but have minimal impact on the overall global water crisis. While our primary focus is on “renewable water,” we also generate electricity in response to customer needs, e.g. to deliver water from our water storage tanks to customers and users.

Our strategy has always been to target commercial activities that would be enabled or greatly improved by the availability of an on-site renewable energy supply; identify specific industry leaders, customers or partners for joint research/pilot projects; and use industry leaders, customers or partners to sell jointly-developed products into targeted markets.

Our business model involves setting up local subsidiaries in our target markets and to then work with local investors, supply chain partners, academic institutions and government to implement projects.

In this way, we create strong incentives to cooperate and fulfill our mandate to equip and train a local workforce to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers.