Helping Solve The World Water Crisis


Over 1 billion people suffer from the effects of water scarcity and the majority of those affected live near a coastline in a developing country, small island nation or remote community. To satisfy the potable water needs of a growing world population increasingly exposed to extreme climate events and to ensure that scarce water supplies are more evenly distributed, experts agree that desalinating seawater on a large scale is required. However, seawater desalination methodologies are extremely energy intensive and thus the people who suffer most from the effects of water scarcity are often those who have no access to, or cannot afford, the energy required.

Our business model involves setting up local subsidiaries in target markets in partnership with local investors, supply chain partners, academic institutions and governments to implement projects. In this way, we create strong incentives to cooperate and fulfill our mandate to equip and train a local workforce to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers and bring our life-saving technology to multiple markets throughout the world.

Addressable Customer Segments

  • National, Regional and Local Water Authorities
  • Small Island Developing States
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Resort owners
  • Military and disaster relief organizations
  • Development Finance Institutions