Resolute Marine, DMEC and EMEC collaborate on technology qualification

December 23, 2020
December 23, 2020 - On December 7th Resolute Marine, the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) and the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) kicked off a technology qualification (TQ) workshop. The TQ workshop is a leading example of the cross-border cooperation taking place within the Marine Energy Alliance (MEA).
Over the course of the three-day workshop, technical experts from Resolute, EMEC and DMEC analysed certain components of Resolute’s innovative Wave2OTMtechnology for their design integrity and related risk factors and developed a plan for the next steps in the TQ process. The TQ workshop will resume in January 2021 and will focus on the analysis of additional Wave2OTMcomponents.
DMEC, EMEC and RME are participants in IEC technical committee TC 114 which is developing international standards for marine energy technologies. The TQ workshop followed IEC TS 62600-4 (the technical specification for technology qualification) and the newly released IECRE OD-310-4 (the Operational Document that guides certification bodies through the TQ process). During the workshop, RME received expert input for its further design and qualification pathway while at the same time the IEC and IECRE working groups received constructive feedback regarding the implementation of a newly developed standard.
Simon Stark, Technology and Innovation Advisor at DMEC:
“This workshop has been a great opportunity to collaborate with EMEC and align our efforts in developing certification services for marine energy developers as well as supporting the development of Resolute’s innovative Wave2OTMtechnology.”
Elaine Buck, Technical Manager at EMEC:
“Application of the IEC TS 62600-4 alongside Resolute Marine has provided valuable lessons learned and insights for improvements in the TQ process.  EMEC was pleased to provide its technical expertise and looks forward to continued work with Resolute.” 
Bill Staby/Marcus Gay, CEO/ VP Research and Engineering at RME:
“We’re very pleased to have been part of this TQ workshop. After many years of development and testing and with the help of EMEC and DMEC, we’re on a direct path to commercial acceptance of our Wave2OTMtechnology and can now look forward to receiving critical support from our insurance and financial partners.”
About the MEA: The Marine Energy Alliance is a 4-year European Territorial Cooperation project that started in May 2018 and will continue until May 2022. The MEA project is supported by Interreg North West Europe which has provided €3.6 million of funding through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)