Resolute Concept Advances in the DOE’s “Waves to Water Prize” competition

June 12, 2020
June 8, 2020

Today the U.S. Department of Energy announced that a technology concept that
RME has been developing to compete in the “Waves to Water Prize” competition
will advance to the third “Adapt” round of the competition. Concurrent with the
announcement of Resolute’s advancement was notification that Jennette’s Pier in
Nags Head, NC has been selected as the site for the final “Drink” stage of the
competition wherein the finalists will deploy their technologies in the ocean. The
technologies that best meet the requirements for a portable desalination system
that can be deployed quickly and safely to address post-disaster requirements for
potable water will share a prize package totaling $1.0 million.
RME CEO Bill Staby said; “we’re very pleased that one of the concepts we
submitted to the DOE will advance to the next round but it has truly been a
challenge to downsize our medium-scale (4,000 m 3 /day) Wave 2 O TM technology to
meet the requirements for a system that is about 1/100th the size. We’re already
preparing for the next “Adapt” round and we’re pleased that Jennette’s Pier has
been selected as the final “Drink” stage deployment site because we’ve worked
there before and are familiar with the wave climate on the Outer Banks.”