Resolute Marine Participates in USAID MENA Water Security Workshop

November 10, 2015
Resolute Marine was invited to participate in a co-creation workshop sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which took place on November 5-6 in Frankfurt, Germany. The purpose of the workshop was to develop solutions that best satisfy the goals of USAID’s Middle East Water Security Initiative (MWSI). Invited workshop participation included a mix of commercial enterprises, NGOs and academic institutions

Resolute Marine CEO Bill Staby said, “This workshop was tremendously valuable to Resolute Marine because it helped us understand more about the “Food” dimension of the “Energy/Water/Food” nexus.” Staby continued; “We learned that, in certain circumstances, our Wave2OTM solution can be deployed in support of transitions from low-value crops to high-value crops while, at the same time, lowering water consumption through a variety of water efficiency initiatives including improved soils and soil water retention, more precise irrigation techniques and intelligent water transfer and monitoring schemes.” About Resolute Marine: Resolute Marine is preparing to deploy a unique technology that harnesses ocean wave energy to produce fresh water and electricity in “off grid” areas of the world. Resolute Marine’s initial focus is on significantly improving access to water and electricity for coastal populations and agricultural operations in developing countries, islands and resorts

About the USAID co-creation workshop: USAID is pioneering a new procurement process through the co-creation workshop process. Its objective is to challenge assumptions about development interventions and to call upon a wide range of experts to think creatively about solutions that will accelerate positive development outcomes.