RML Wins The 2015 European Technology Platform For Water (WssTP) SME Award

June 25, 2015
Imprimer Resolute Marine Limited (RML), the Irish subsidiary of Resolute Marine Energy (RME), won the “WssTP SME award” at the Water Innovation Europe event in Brussels, Belgium. A panel of judges from world-class water companies such as SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and VEOLIA Water Technologies chose from a large pool of SMEs from across Europe and selected four winners that have generated innovative solutions and technologies with the highest market potential for water resource management

RME COO Olivier Ceberio commented, “We’re extremely honored to have received this award. Europe is a world leader in water industries so we are particularly proud of this award as it comes from a highly respected source. Furthermore, Europe plays a key role in our business development strategy and we hope this award will pave the way for more initiatives and collaborations with European partners.” Wsstp3 About WssTP: WssTP is the European Technology Platform for Water. Established by the European Commission in 2004, WssTP strives to promote coordination and collaboration of research and innovation in the European water sector while, at the same time, improving its competitiveness. WssTP has 137 members and a network of more than 700 individuals including industrial suppliers, research institutions, technology developers, government representatives and policymakers, and water utilities.