World Economic Forum Identifies the International Water Crisis as #1 impact risk

January 20, 2015
More than nuclear weapons or a global disease pandemic, impairments to water supplies and punishing cycles of flood, drought, and water pollution are now viewed by heads of state, nonprofit leaders, and chief executives as the most serious threat to business and society. For the first time, the international water crisis took the top spot in the World Economic Forum’s tenth global risk report, an annual survey of nearly 900 leaders in politics, business, and civic life about the world’s most critical issues

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.14.28 AM Taking a 10-year outlook, the “Global Risks 2015” report assesses 31 risks that are global in nature and have the potential to cause significant negative impact across entire countries and industries if they take place. The risks are grouped under five categories – economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological – and measured in terms of their likelihood and potential impact

RME co-founders Bill Staby and Olivier Ceberio commented; “for many years we’ve recognized that working to develop cost effective technologies that can help alleviate the World Water Crisis and have a positive impact on the health and welfare of millions of people is good business and we laud the World Economic Forum for bringing this issue to the forefront.” See report here