RME a finalist in the pitch competition at “Juice 2.0” in Camden, ME.

November 13, 2009
A panel of judges named RME a finalist in “The Perfect Pitch” competition at the “Juice 2.0” conference which was held November 13th and 14th in Camden, Maine. RME CEO Bill Staby remarked; “We were honored to participate in Juice 2.0!” “It is a brilliantly-conceived means for Maine to spark economic and cultural development in the state.” The Juice Conference connects leaders of the creative economy to foster growth and prosperity. Weaving together the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship, Juice inspires innovation by bringing talented people together from widely different backgrounds to build on Maine’s traditions. Juice is a forum where attendees can learn, exchange ideas, share success stories and provide input to shape the development of strategies for Maine’s future