Resolute Marine could win €500k in international sustainable entrepreneurship competition

July 18th, 2018

Resolute Marine is one of the 25 start-ups that have made it through the first stage of Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, an annual competition organized by the Dutch Postcode Lottery to provide a helping hand to entrepreneurs starting sustainable businesses. The winner will receive €500,000 to further develop their product or service and bring it to market. The runner-up receives €200,000 and three other finalists will win €100,000 each.

"This is a fantastic news" said Olivier Ceberio, COO, "The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is an incredible opportunity for us to increase awareness about our Wave2O technology and how it can help solving the global water crisis!"

The international competition saw applications from 100 countries from all over the world, with Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America all represented with entrepreneurs in the top 25.
The diverse group of start-ups that have made it into the top 25 include plans to stop plastic reaching the sea, to make storage of renewable energy more efficient, and to combat water scarcity around the world. They show the broad range of ways businesses can make a positive impact on the planet, while also being successful. The five finalists will be announced in mid-August, and will then present their pitches to a jury on 13 September in Amsterdam, where the winner will be announced.

Last year, Rwandan start-up EarthEnable won the competition with its idea to produce sustainable, affordable, clean, and waterproof earthen flooring. This means people in developing countries can move away from unhygienic dirt floors without relying on the expensive and unsustainable alternative of cement.

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