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RME CEO Steps Down as Chairman of U.S. Delegation to IEC TC-114

December 22nd, 2014

Resolute Marine Energy CEO Bill Staby has stepped down as the Chairman of the U.S. delegation to IEC TC-114, the committee that, since 2008, has been developing technical specifications and standards for the marine energy industry. He will be replaced by Jonathan Colby who is the Director of Technology Performance at Verdant Power.

In his parting message to the 70 or more industry professionals who have contributed considerable time and effort to the 16 currently-active project teams Staby said; “I want to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all who have served the US TAG over the years. In my opinion the United States has created the largest, most skilled and most dedicated team of TC-114 standards development professionals in the world and we should be very proud of that. The work you are doing is moving the marine renewable energy industry nearer to the point where banks and insurance companies can contribute to the growth of the industry and that is an incredibly positive step in the right direction.”

Staby will continue to serve on the newly-formed Marine Energy Operating Management Committee (ME-OMC) which is part of the new Renewable Energy Conformity Assessment System the IEC established last summer (IECRE) and he will continue to help rebuild the US marine renewable energy trade association through his work on the National Hydropower Association’s Marine Energy Council.

Resolute Marine Contributes to the Fogo Fund for Cape Verde Volcano Victims

December 8th, 2014


Resolute Marine has contributed to the Fogo Fund for Cape Verde Volcano Victims (Fogo Fund). Fogo Fund is an apolitical non-profit charitable organization dedicated to bettering the lives of the people of Fogo, Cape Verde, one of the ten islands in the Cape Verde archipelago. Fogo Fund is focused on helping island residents who have lost their homes, schools, and businesses due to the volcanic eruption that occurred on November 23rd. Fogo Fund has teamed with the Assosiacao de Viticultores de Cha (AdVC), a well-regarded farming cooperative wherein farmers work together and divide profits evenly amongst all member families. AdVC is well established in the Fogo community and will ensure that every family affected by the volcano receives an equal share of donated funds.

Resolute Marine CEO Bill Staby said, “Although our contribution is modest in comparison to the widespread devastation this natural disaster has caused, our company is deeply committed to serve the people in the communities where we work.”

Resolute Marine COO Olivier Ceberio added, “We have established close relationships with many Cape Verdean public and private organizations and thus understand the shattering impact this unexpected event has caused.” “We wish we could do more and hope others will respond to the call for help in the true spirit of caring.”

Contributions can be made at

Resolute Marine Joins the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

December 2nd, 2014


Resolute Marine recently became a member of the Brussels-based Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) which is recognized by the European Commission for its substantial contributions to the development and improvement of the water technology sector in Europe. WssTP promotes coordination and collaboration of research and innovation while, at the same time, improving competitiveness through its critical role in the positioning of water projects within the European Commission’s Research Framework Program FP7 and Horizon 2020 as well as the participation of its members in funded projects.

“Joining the WssTP is very much aligned with our expansion strategy in Europe” said RME COO Olivier Ceberio. “WssTP members include most, if not all, of the important European players in the global water sector which will help us create new partnership opportunities.” “We are very excited about this opportunity to participate in many of the WssTP working groups”

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