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RME CEO delivers speech at the National Offshore Wind Development Summit in Washington, DC

March 24th, 2010

RME CEO Bill Staby delivered a presentation entitled “Next Generation Wind/Wave Hybrid Technologies” during a workshop session of the National Offshore Wind Development Summit in Washington, DC. “This is one of my favorite topics,” Bill said. “There’s growing evidence that, for the reasons I discuss in my presentation, offshore utility-scale, grid-connected energy projects will incorporate both wind and wave technologies in the same footprint and, if so, there are immediate and profound implications for developers of wave energy converter technologies like RME.”
The North American Offshore Wind Development Summit has established itself as a major gathering place where all the communities in the offshore wind value chain assemble to advance the development of the continent’s emerging offshore wind industry and share their perspectives on building this new-found North American industry.

RME CEO provides testimony before Utilities and Energy Committee of the Maine State Legislature

March 11th, 2010

RME CEO Bill Staby today testified before the Utilities and Energy Committee of the Maine State Legislature regarding LD 1810 which implements the recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force. “While we generally support the proposed legislation, in my opinion, as currently written, it favors the development of other renewable energy resources over wave energy to the detriment of Maine’s offshore energy future,” Staby said. “What the citizens of Maine need to know is that establishing one or more offshore test zones for wave energy technologies would bring big economic benefits to the state as companies like ours start coming here to conduct ocean trials of reduced-scale prototypes.” “Our industry will employ engineers, equipment suppliers, fabricators and a whole host of service providers such as environmental firms, divers, and marine transport operators.”

RME CEO attends “Offshore Ocean Energy: A University-Industry-Government Dialog” at Florida Atlantic University.

March 4th, 2010

The Center for Ocean Energy Technology (COET) at Florida Atlantic University hosted a workshop entitled “Offshore Ocean Energy: A University-Industry-Government Dialog” in Boca Raton, FL. The purpose of the workshop was to engage in a discussion of non-proprietary issues, requirements, and development challenges concerning hydrokinetic energy development in the offshore environment. At the conclusion of the workshop, RME CEO Bill Staby remarked, “This was a landmark event in the U.S. marine renewable energy industry because it brought together representatives of almost every stakeholder group with an interest in what goes on in state and federal waters.” “It was important in terms of establishing a meaningful dialog and building a foundation of understanding and trust.”

RME exhibits at the Northeast Energy & Commerce Association’s (NECA) Renewables Conference in Boston

March 3rd, 2010

RME built awareness of its technologies and of the marine renewable energy industry in general by exhibiting at the NECA Renewables Conference which was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, MA today. RME COO Olivier Ceberio commented, “NECA members represent every sector of the power industry in New England and this is an annual “must attend” event for many of them. “We were pleased to have had the chance to tell our story to so many people.”
NECA seeks to promote greater public understanding of the benefits of the competitive energy marketplace. In order to accomplish this, NECA provides a forum for the discussion of issues of common concern to all interested parties for the ultimate benefit of energy customers and the public as a whole in the Northeast. The Renewables Conference is dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of renewable/clean energy and to facilitating growth of the industry in the Northeast. Participants include developers, consultants, engineers, marketers, policy makers, and attorneys who are actively involved in the renewable energy market.