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Resolute wins sub-contractor role in a NOAA Phase I research grant award

May 23rd, 2008

On May 22nd RME was notified that the Phase I research grant proposal it had submitted along with partners Ocean Farm Technologies, Inc. (Principal Investigator) and the MIT Offshore Aquaculture Engineering Center (OAEC) will be funded. The topic of the research proposal is "Wave Energy Conversion to Power Offshore Aquaculture." "We're very pleased to be playing a role in this feasibility study which partners us with two leaders in the transition of the finfish aquaculture industry from near-shore to offshore locations" RME CEO William Staby said. "Having a reliable source of continuous power at sea is an enabling factor for this burgeoning industry which will help satisfy global demand for fish proteins and give severely depleted fishing grounds an opportunity to recover."

IEC/TC-114 meetings in Ottawa

May 15th, 2008

RME CEO William Staby described the first IEC/TC-114 international standards committee meetings as a "good start." "The U.S. delegation (of which RME is a member) had the largest number of representatives at this first TC-114 plenary session which was a good strategy." "We had the most diverse group of stakeholders and, since many of us were first-time participants, knowledge of the rules and protocols are widely distributed." "This is going to be an interesting, long-term effort that is critical to the orderly evolution of our industry to broad market acceptance."